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Is Your Current Real Estate Marketing Strategy

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In a world where real estate markets are more competitive than ever,

standing out isn't just an option; it's a necessity.

At 23 Window Media, we redefine success through innovative geofarming, lead generation, and print marketing strategies that position you as the premier local agent, grow your brand and increase your bottom line.

Aerial view of a residential area showcasing a variety of homes, symbolizing the broad scope and strategic planning in real estate marketing

"Geo farming is back and bigger than ever! As listings increase, focusing on a specific geographic area to farm is not just viable, it’s efficient. It’s all about efficiency and expertise in a particular market. It’s time to dive deep into your chosen community, understand its nuances, and become the go-to expert. Farming is back, and it’s time to make the most of it!"

Why Geofarming is Critical for Your Business

Geofarming is more than a marketing tactic; it’s a strategic advantage that positions you as the top realtor in your local market. It allows for precision targeting, enhances brand visibility within key communities, and ultimately drives higher conversion rates. By tapping into geofarming, realtors can ensure they are always one step ahead, making meaningful connections with potential buyers and sellers in their chosen locales.

Case Study: 250% Open Rate Increase - How Giselle's Business Skyrocketed with a Focused Real Estate Marketing Approach

"Geo farming is effective because in real estate, there’s nothing quite as important as relationships and reputation. Success in this business comes from being known, liked, and respected, but that doesn’t mean you need to be some kind of nationally known celebrity. Actually, it’s almost the opposite… You just need to be the celebrity of YOUR PARTICULAR AREA. The more focused your efforts, the more effective you can be."

Our Edge in Geofarm Marketing

With over 100 years of combined real estate marketing experience, our team has seen and done it all and knows what works. Our proven approach is designed to target and captivate your desired community, using custom marketing that authentically represents your brand and resonates with your local market.

  • Targeted Approach: We help identify and target key communities for your geofarming campaigns, ensuring your efforts are focused and effective.
  • Strategic Consultation: Benefit from personalized consultations to craft a geofarming and marketing strategy that aligns with your goals.
  • Custom Designs and Local Content: Our print marketing materials are not only visually appealing but also crafted by our writers with content specific to your local market that speaks directly to your audience.
  • Proven Excellence for Every Agent: From top performers at leading national brokerages to ambitious agents eager for growth, we tailor our expertise to elevate businesses at every level across the country.
Close-up of hands holding a tablet displaying charts and analytics.

"By determining and dominating a geo-farm, agents can become the go-to resource in that area. Although, yes, it's a method that takes time and commitment, the long-lasting results are worth it."

We Help People Break Free

from generic marketing

See what our members have to say about their experience.

“I have been a 23 Window Media client for years. They have handled all my marketing needs at the highest level! In fact, I have recommended them to numerous agents. They have an excellent team that takes care of all my marketing items for me and this allows me to do what I do best which is sales. It is amazing how their team jumps in and sets me up for success! Anything from state-of-the-art market reports to flyers — marketing strategies that work.” A.S., Newport Beach, CADOUGLAS ELLIMAN

“Having 23 Window Media implement marketing strategies for things that I knew I should do but didn’t know what to do has made a huge difference in my business. The marketing details are handled beautifully and consistently and most importantly without taking up my time. I’ve gotten phenomenal results from the marketing which 23 Window Media has created for me. In fact, my business has grown since I’ve started working with 23 Window Media, which has allowed me the luxury of spending more time at my vacation home, on my boat and on the tennis court.” J.G., Hilton Head Island KELLER WILLIAMS REALTY

“My experience with 23 Window Media has been outstanding. They created all of my marketing, from postcards to market reports to listing presentations. I would highly recommend that you utilize all of their services. It has been wonderful working with them.” — W.B., Coronado DOUGLAS ELLIMAN

“23 Window Media has taken the details, strategies, and headaches off of my plate. They have set our team up on a consistent and beautiful marketing strategy that simply requires a “yes approved” from me. No longer do I have to stress over what the next lead generation marketing copy or campaign will look like. They are very checklist and detail-oriented, super responsive, great listeners, and very timely. While they are experts at what they do they are also collaborative and communicate extremely well so that we work well together as a “well-oiled machine.”

We Help People Break Free From generic marketing

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Onboarding Process

Our process is a testament to our dedication to client satisfaction. With five thorough steps, we ensure that your marketing campaigns are built to achieve your specific goals.

Step 1. Discovery Call

We believe that each client has unique needs and goals. Let’s talk about yours. In this step, we dive into your objectives and explore the potential solutions that are right for you.

Step 2. Strategy Rollout

Our Marketing Specialist will work closely with you to develop a plan that is specific to your marketing goals and target market.

Step 3. Brand Synergy

Your brand’s unique identity is our paramount concern. Your Member Success Lead will gather your brand assets, ensuring a harmonious blend of your brand’s identity and the campaign’s message.

Step 4. Review & Approve

We value your input and approval. Your branded marketing materials will be presented to you for review and approval before they are launched.

Step 5. Launch & Follow-Up

“They’ve got mail”. Sit back and relax as we make your vision a reality. Once launched, your target market will start getting to know you better. As you respond to the leads generated by the campaign, we’ll be right there with you, providing necessary support and monitoring campaign performance for further optimizations.

Receive A Complimentary Discovery Call

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Every first-time customer receives a Complimentary Discovery Call with our Marketing Specialist. We’ll discuss what your goals are to help you learn what the right solutions are for you.

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